3 Vegan Black-Owned Companies You Need To Know About Now

Whether it's haircare, skincare, or makeup, we have vegan options created by Black female entrepreneurs! ...

We all know what we put in our bodies can affect our health. We should have the same kind of seriousness about what we apply to our hair, skin, and body as well.

As we’ve discussed, the beauty industry is an unregulated one. However, never fear — we have you covered. Here are three vegan beauty brands (also owned by Black women) we discovered that will have you looking flawless — and healthy.


Sound off with a pigmented pout! Melissa Butler, founder and CEO of The Lip Bar, created a line of lipsticks that look good, feel good, and give you a bold, vibrant lip color. This brand is also gluten-free and paraben-free. Parabens are a chemical used often in the preservation of products; however, The Lip Bar keeps it au natural. Melissa went on Shark Tank to help fund her business and while she did not make a deal, her business has grown into a half million dollar company. Her lipsticks are also affordable; nothing is over $12.00!


Keirenae is a skin and hair care company that makes natural products. They only use natural and organic ingredients, creating vegan formulas. I’ve personally used their Body Polish and it lasted over four months (a little goes a long way!), and I used it almost daily. The  main ingredient is safflower oil, which also helps to reduce painful menstrual periods.


Source: Keirenae / Keirenae

The 2-year-old brand is the brainchild of Keisha Reeves. She exclusively tells HelloBeautiful, “I just wanted to show people that less is more. My products are made from very simple ingredients and is just as effective as anything you can find over the counter.” Keisha also admits she’s a fan of her hair and body butter pomade. “I use it almost everyday,” she says. A product that has multi-use is perfect to travel with!


OBIA Naturals

Source: OBIA Naturals / OBIA Naturals

Talk about brands whose ingredients you can understand! Founder Obia Ewah is a trained chemist, so she knows her formula. With a bachelor’s degree in both chemistry and biology, and a master’s in public health, she knows hair care. With great concepts, those of you with minimal shower space can use her Coconut Shea Shampoo Bar, which leaves “your hair soft, conditioned, and hydrated.” The shea butter will moisturize and repair damaged hair while soothing your scalp and the coconut oil protects hair from heat and chemical damage. Effective and innovative while being cruelty-free to animals and only using the best products? I’m here for it!

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