Summer Wayans Breaks The Family Mold

This second generation Wayans says no to stereotypes and yes to education! ...

It’s very easy to get locked into a certain portrayal, especially when you come from comedy royalty. Summer Wayans, the daughter of Deirdre Wayans, sibling to Keenan, etc., is one of the second generation of the famous Wayans family has proven that you can shape your own destiny in more ways than one. She has made a name for herself in the world of beauty and fashion while serving as a golden inspiration for young girls.

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Claim to Fame: Summer first got her exposure back in 2001, by making appearances on TV show from major networks, such as ABC, BET and NBC. Soon thereafter, she started modeling for plus – size name brands such as Ashley Stewart and Wet Seal.

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Summer has definitely made a name for herself, working the runways for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. But her work doesn’t stop there. Summer makes sure to serve as an inspiration to those who have different challenges their lives as the founder of Wayans Girl Foundation, an non-profit organization that focuses on the needs of at-risk youth. She’s also a part of the Los Angeles County Alliance of the Boys and Girls Club, where she serves as an Advisory Council Member.

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Summer’s biggest accomplishment as of late is her completion of Ph.D in Multicultural Psychology. She recently achieved this goal after being told she wouldn’t be able to do it and took time to remind those that you can definitely attain your goals despite what others want to say. With this solid foundation in education, Summer is bound to go above and beyond as a voice of power for her generation – while using the power of her curves as well!

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Congratulations, Dr. Summer!


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